Welcome to Harmonia PR!

Harmonia PR is a newfound agency located in Athens, Greece.

Our services cover everything a band needs to become successful. The first step is guiding and counseling. With our extensive knowledge of recording studios, graphic designers, videographers, promo, press and our cooperation with record labels one thing is certain: we got you covered!

Our main goal is to promote hard rock and metal music, helping it reach as many ears as possible. Our roster features bands from a wide range of styles, from melodic hard rock to power metal, folk and death metal so that even the most demanding listener will find something they enjoy.

Our fees are affordable and our packages are tailored to your needs in order to enable you to grow in the way that suits your artistic vision. Whether you are 100% DIY or a well-established artist, we’re here to cater to your needs.

Join Harmonia PR and find the harmony within!