Location: Athens, | Genre: Modern Heavy/Power Metal


Heavenblack is a Greek Heavy metal five-member band, which was formed in 2014 by Giannis Patakakis and it is located in Athens, Greece.

The love, diligent and systematic work in music, which has inspired and shaped them, brought them very soon, in less than a year, the participation in the GBOB (Global Battle of the Bands) world competition and their distinction in the finals of the event.

This was the band’s first major distinction and their recognition among the Greek audience as well as their “ticket” to participate in an upcoming festival.

One month later, in March 2016, they participate in Modern Mental Rebellion Festival 2, followed by live performances at various stages in Athens with several distinguished local bands.

In April 2017 they participate in the two-day Sleaze n Roll Festival, by opening the second day of the festival and supporting bands from Spain, Czech Republic and Sweden. Indeed, within the same month, they become co-organizers and participate musically in the MMR Gigs festival, made up by three different events. This was one of the most daring projects of collaboration and solidarity of the independent Greek music stage.

After two years of consecutive live performances and having established their presence on the stages of Athens, it’s time they wrote their own music and entered the studio recording by their first EP entitled “Heavenblack” which is released in June 2018. The next step is some more performances in the context of promoting the EP, thus further acquiring experience on stage.

In March 2019 another big show chance comes for the band, which opened Praying Mantis’ live show in Greece.

What characterises and distinguishes Heavenblack band is that they have already produced their first full length -upcoming- album, as well as they have filmed their first video clip and now they are looking forward to its release and promotion while they are preparing for new live performances in familiar and bigger stages in Greece and abroad.

Music is an art that knows no borders and the band’s big dream is to play abroad. Indeed, the biggest wish of the band is to acquire further experience through broadening our spectrum. Spreading our heavy metal sound in foreign countries will be a perfectly rewarding experience, since we both accomplish our dream and heavy metal music will reach other fans of the genre.

The band has recently signed with Sleaszy Rider Records and set for release their debut album entitled "Blindfolded" on August 9th, 2024.

Line up

Marios Kouroupis – Vocals
Ioannis Patakakis – Guitars
Dimitris Varvarigos – Guitars, Vocals
Mantalena Krikelli – Drums
Giannis Verios – Bass